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Bike Tube Bags & Wallets

Striped Wallet


A slim wallet made from recycled bike tubes that won't weigh you down. Will slip easily into a back pocket, but still hold what you need.

These wallets are handmade by me in my workshop in Moab, Utah from locally sourced recycled bike tubes.

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★ Approximately 6" x 4” (15cm x 10cm)
★ Three pockets, will fit several cards and folded cash
★ Six decorative straight stitches run lengthwise on the outside of the wallet
★ Thread colors: red, blue, green, orange, gray, black


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A wipe down with a damp cloth is usually all your bike tube bag will need. A trip through the washer won’t hurt, but cold water is best, especially if your bag has a lining. For stains on the lining, use your fav detergent (I use dish detergent) and a cloth or old toothbrush, wash as you prefer and hang dry. Leaving your bag sitting in the sun for days or weeks at a time is not recommended.


The bike tubes I use are sourced from bike shops in Moab and the surrounding region. They are well washed and vetted for holes, stuck-on adhesives, funky smells, and bad attitudes. When cleaned, bike tube rubber has a surprising, supple feel, and like leather, it is durable, flexible and strong. There is a slight rubber smell, but you really have to put your nose up to it to notice. All bike tubes have factory markings of various colors and a few have patches added by their previous owners; so each bag or wallet comes with its own secret story for you to ponder over!