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Bike Tube Bags & Wallets

Keyring Wallet


A multi-pocket coin purse/wallet with keyring made from recycled bike tubes.

A wallet for all your monies! Two zipper pockets for cash, change, cards and anything you want to keep safe. With a keyring on the right side to attach a few keys, keep it all together!

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Additional Info

Nylon zippers made by UCAN in the USofA with a nylon packcloth lining in a contrasting color.

In your choice of lovely color combo:

red zipper/teal lining
green zipper/hot green lining
yellow zipper/hot pink lining
yellow zipper/hot orange lining
gray zipper/purple lining
gray zipper/maroon lining

Other colors may be available, please ask! :)

Approximately 4 5/8" x 3 1/2", excluding keyring

A NOTE: All the bike tubes I use are rescued from old tube piles at bike shops in Moab, Utah. I cut them up in my backyard, wash them in my bathtub, and dry 'em on the line. When cleaned, bike tube rubber has a surprising, supple feel, and like leather, it is durable, flexible and strong. Unlike leather, it is easy to clean and care for. There is a slight rubber smell, but you really have to put your nose up to it to notice. All bike tubes have white factory markings and a few have patches added by their previous owners; so each bag or wallet comes with its own secret story for you to ponder over!