Frequently Asked Questions

Will you take my old bike tubes for use in your products?

YES!! I would be happy to take your old tubes off your hands. Contact me for an address where you can send them. I'll even make something for you out of your old tubes if you'd like! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT send any slimed tubes. These are too messy to deal with and will go straight to the trash. Also, they weigh more than unslimed tubes, so you'll pay extra just to have me throw them away.


Do your products smell weird?

I know what you're thinking...old bike tubes, rubber that's been hanging out in bike's gotta smell weird right? Lots of folks think this, as I've seen plenty of people smell my wallets and bags when they first see them. Yes, my products do have a slight rubber smell (did you catch that, SLIGHT?), but you've really gotta put it up to your nose to notice.


Where do you get all the tubes?

All the tubes I use in my workshop are salvaged from old tube piles at the bike shops here in Moab. Most of them would be otherwise headed for the landfill, so the shops are always happy to see me coming.


How strong is the stitching?

I use a medium weight bonded nylon thread throughout my products. Bonded nylon thread is an industry standard in upholstery, leatherwork, luggage, and anywhere heavy fabrics are used. Bonded means that a bonding agent has been added to the nylon filaments for extra strength, abrasion resistance, and smooth stitches. Also, I pay close attention to the right proportions of stiches per inch (or SPI). Unlike sewing through woven fabrics, sewing through rubber creates punctures, so having TOO many stitches per inch can make seams weaker. I make sure that the SPI value is at a good middle ground to maintain strong seams.

The colored thread I use for my wallets and pouches is a high quality polyester thread that is slightly heavier than your standard home sewing machine thread. I tried many other threads before finally settling on this one. I am more than pleased with its strength, smoothness, and brightness of color, and have found that my customers are as equally as satisfied.


Do you sell wholesale?

Absolutely! Get in touch with me here and let's talk shop!


How about custom orders?

Sure! I love hearing about what other folks are looking for in a bike tube bag. I can't guarantee that I can make what you're looking for, but let me know what you're thinking and we'll go from there.