A Look Back

Originally posted on Moab Bag Co's Tumblr blog, dated 12/22/13

Now that the holiday shopping season is winding down here at MBC, I am marveling at how my expectations for the season were greatly exceeded. My “ambitious” goal for the last two months was apparently a rather low bar that I easily sailed right over. It is clear now that I underestimated peoples’ desire for cool bike tube wares. A sign that I should have listened more closely to my friends’ claims that my products will be very wanted

It’s been an exciting year, and to get to end it on such a high note is a great bonus. It’s still a little unbelievable to me how this whole thing got started. Such a small seed! The progression from then to now is kind of amazing, and I marvel at that more than how great the last couple of months have been. If I can make all of this happen in just a matter of months, what can I do in the next year? I have some ideas, and now that I can slow down, breathe deep, and contemplate, I will start fleshing those ideas out and develop a solid plan for the upcoming year.

I am very grateful for the support and positive reinforcement that my friends, family, the Moab community, even strangers on the internet, have provided. Their desire to see me succeed means so much. One person in particular has played a vital role in this story, someone who has supported me all the way, and pushed me to do more and do better. I know I would not have made it this far without them. Their immense generosity and tireless support is humbling. Thank you.